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Solidarity & Action from the SCPHCA

July 2, 2020

Tandem Health is a member of the South Carolina Primary Health Care Association (SCPHCA), the membership organization representing all of the Community Health Centers (CHCs) throughout South Carolina. CHCs are community-based, non-profit organizations that focus on the provision of comprehensive, high-quality, patient-focused healthcare services. Additionally, CHCs help increase access to crucial primary care services by reducing barriers related to cost, lack of insurance, transportation, and language for their patients. The SCPHCA has released the following statement underscoring the mission of Community Health Centers:

The year is 2020 and although we as a nation have progressed tremendously in all areas of technology, we are showing regression in justice for all.

The South Carolina Primary Health Care Association Board and staff wish to express our heart felt sadness and sympathy for the family and friends of George Floyd as well as for the many others who suffered and lost their lives because of racism and hatred. Racism and discrimination of any kind is an injustice that can spread like wildfire if not immediately eradicated.

The Community Health Center (CHC) Movement was founded over 50 years ago during the civil rights era. Our heritage is based on social justice and health equality [equity] for all. Health centers know firsthand the impact racism, discrimination and violence have on the country’s health status which directly impacts the country’s economic status. Our diversity of patients, staff, and board members are a testament to the value and positive impact diversity plays when you embrace it.

We understand that ALL lives matter, but when a subgroup of ALL have their lives taken because of the color of their skin, then it’s time--just as we’ve always done in health care when addressing health disparities--to place more focus on the subgroup experiencing unfair treatment; thus, Black Lives [also] Matter.

We recognize that some of our leaders have voiced their outrage with the Minnesota tragedy. We are now calling on all South Carolina leaders (local, state and national) without hesitation to publicly condemn the injustices that are overtly being committed in America. Silence from any leader equates to agreement with these injustices that plague our country.

“Silence in the face of injustice is complicity with the oppressor.” [Ginetta Sagan]

South Carolina health centers will continue the heritage and commitment of the CHC Movement to fight for social justice and health equity for all people. We are taking ownership collectively and individually to make change. Together we can Make America Great for all and truly become One nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

From the South Carolina Primary Health Care Association Board of Directors and Staff Endorsed: June 12, 2020